AV Respiratory Adenovirus antigen rapid test

  • AV Respiratory Adenovirus antigen rapid test
AV Respiratory Adenovirus antigen rapid test
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This kit is suitable for qualitative detection of adenovirus antigen in human oropharyngeal swab, nasopharyngeal swab, and nasal swab samples in vitro, as an aid in the diagnosis of human respiratory adenovirus infection.


Adenoviruses are DNA viruses classified according to 3 major capsid antigens (hexon, penton, and fiber). There are 7 human adenovirus species (A to G) and 57 serotypes. Different serotypes are associated with different conditions.

Adenoviruses are commonly acquired by contact with respiratory secretions (including those on fingers of infected people) from an infected person or by contact with a contaminated object (eg, towel, instrument). Infection may be airborne or waterborne (eg, acquired while swimming in lakes or in swimming pools without adequate chlorine). Asymptomatic respiratory or gastrointestinal viral shedding may continue for months, or even years.


  • Quick results: The test provides quick resultwithin 15-20 minutes, which can help in prompt diagnosis and treatment.

  • Non-invasive: The test is non-invasive and does not require any blood sample or other invasive procedures. This makes it a convenient and comfortable option for patients.

  • Cost-effective: The test is relatively cost-effective compared to other diagnostic methods, making it an affordable option for patients.

  • Public health benefits: Adenovirus test can help in identifying outbreaks and monitoring the spread of the virus, which can aid in public health efforts to control the infection.

Product Specifications

Colloidal Gold
Sample TypeOropharyngeal swab/ Nasopharyngeal swab/ Nasal swab
Time to Result15-20 mins
Storage2~30 ℃/36~86℉
Shelf Life24 months from date of manufacture
Kit Size1/5/20/25 tests

※ Refer to Package Insert for additional product information.

Product Performance

Wiz resultsTest result of Reference reagent

Positive coincidence rate: 98.56%(95%C.I. 94.91%~99.60%)

Negative coincidence rate: 100.00%(95%C.I.97.49%~100.00%)

Total coincidence rate: 99.31%(95%C.I.97.50%~99.81%)





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  • Laboratory Departments

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